Dec 3, 2007

Will I Ever Get to Stamp? Hmm...

Well, so much for stamping this weekend, although I was able to work on the Holiday Helper newsletter a bit more. Be sure to check your email for all kinds of fun projects. Hopefully tonight I will bet a chance to stamp!

This weekend turned into Sick Bay at our house- first the cat got sick (for those of you who have been over- it was Princess- the large calico)- she had a fever of 105 and may be diabetic. We've been joking that she and my dad can run around in wheelchairs together if she ever needs surgery!

Then Amadeus got really sick this weekend at his tournament- stomach bug and a nosebleed that wouldn't stop! He ended up mildlly dehydrated, no tennis for 3 days and the worst part was he had to default his match when he was 2 points from winning....sigh.. Oh well- tonight I shall stamp!

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