Dec 28, 2007

and Now for something completely different...

I decided to take a break from just about everything today--instead of stamping, working on the computer or cleaning, I took a day for "me". The big find of the day- an affordable massage. My friend Celeste recommended this to me and I had to check it out. Wow- it was worth the trip. I went to Massage Envy (turns out- this is a nationwide chain) and the massage was affordable and my therapist Michelle was wonderful.

Here's the cool part (and while it is a splurge for me, I figure it will be worth eating lunch at my desk a couple more times a month). They are a membership based program (kind of like a gym) - it's $49 a month but that also includes one massage a month - and if I want more, it's only $39 per hour.

I would recommend checking them out (and if you decide to become a member- if you mention my name- I get a free massage)- so I thank you in advance!!

Here's a link to their website - I had the relaxing massage but I believe the deep tissue will be better in the future.

Happy Relaxing!!

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