May 31, 2007

June Swap

Hi Ladies,

You asked for it, you've got it- another Swap. I know that I am super busy in June, between work and Ama's tennis so I thought I'd try a very simple swap. I just participated in one and thought you would find it fun. This is a two part swap (don't panic!!)

Sign up by June 10
Part 1 - due to me by June 20
Part 2 - due to me by July 6

This will be a OSW (One Sheet Wonder Swap). You will need one piece of 8.5 x 11" cardstock for each player. Using any stamp set, randomly stamp images all over the piece of paper. Use at least 2 colors of ink and at least 2 stamps.

I'll swap out the pages and return them to you along with a template for making up to 10 cards using this one sheet of paper. Now, you'll have to add some additional embellishments and paper but oh so fun.

Send me a picture of just one card created from each sheet of paper- I'll post to the site for everyone to see.

Who's in?


Get these sheets to me


Kellie said...

I'm excited about this one--sign me up!

Carinda said...

In case I haven't emailed you before now count me in - sounds like fun!