Feb 15, 2008

Shaving Cream Anyone?

I signed up for a technique swap on the Tennessee Stampers group and chose the Shaving Cream Technique. This is one of my all time favorite techniques, especially when I'm a little stressed and need some good "clean" stamping fun.

If you'd like to try this technique, here's what you need:

  • Shaving cream (the less expensive the better), unscented, without any emollients. I've found that Barabasol in the red can works best
  • Re-inkers (I used Stampin' Up, but any dye based re-inker will work)
  • Glossy photo paper (you can use regular CS but it gets even messier)
  • Pie tins
  • Something to scrape with (I used my stoneware scrapper from Pampered Chef)

Now for the fun part. Follow these simple steps. I suggest having lots of paper towels around, too. It's best to mass produce this otherwise, you waste supplies and each page you make is very unique. I used my Pampered Chef baking racks to dry the paper on.

Here are the steps:

  • Spray a pile of shaving cream into the pie plate
  • Add drops from the re-inkers. I usually limit to 3 complementary colors. For this sample, I used Barely Banana, Bashful Blue and Gable Green.
  • Use a chopstick or knife to swirl the ink through the shaving cream. Be careful not to blend too much
  • Take your first piece of paper and smoosh it into the shaving cream mixture
  • Scrape the shaving cream off the paper
  • Take a paper towel to remove any extra shaving cream
  • Place on rack to dry
Here's the finished product. Once it dries (I usually let mine dry overnight) you can stamp on it, use it for a background, create a layout and more.

Come join us tomorrow (Sunday) for some stamping fun. There's still room for you.

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