Feb 6, 2008

Give me your tired, your scared...

...your friends that live in apartments. Taking a short break this morning to just post an update on life in Sumner county. Last night, Tennessee got hit but another string of tornado's. Memories of the tornado that destroyed my car, my work, and my town two years ago were flashing through my head as I watched the news and made sure that we were as prepared as we could be. One of the features of our house that I really like is the "cinder block" closet in my daughter's room and our "secret" room in the basement (aka the Stamp room) both of these are interior rooms in the basement and about the best place to go in case of a tornado.

Anyway, our emergency preparedness kit consisted of a 6 pack of bottled water, chocolate bars, cookies, pop-tarts, my sons' tennis bag (that's where the first aid kit is!), my digital camera and some flashlights, candles and matches (hmmm- maybe I ought to be a little more prepared). Anyway, having learned my lesson a few years ago, when weatherbug said a tornado is coming your way, like most people I didn't really pay attention- I should have and the message should have been, A tornado is coming to get you NOW! we watched the news and when they said Hendersonville, 9:49 p.m. we were locked in the closet ready to go (3 people and 4 cats- just imagine!). Called my sister about 10 minutes later and we got the all clear.

Later on, my daughter had most of her friends who live in apartments come over to spend the night (2 more storms were projected). We took turns watching the news- my last thoughts were about 1:30 a.m. when I finally drifted off to sleep to news of the fire in Macon County.

We're safe and I will keep you updated.


Carinda said...

Glad to hear you guys are OK. We are as well even though we got the golf-ball sized hail, but no damage to anything.

Mary said...

Thanks- yikes golf ball sized hail- are the cars and yard okay?