Nov 30, 2007

Further Dad updates- back to Stamping this weekend!

Just a new update- Dad had the angiogram yesterday- good news was- he came through the procedure just fine. Bad news is there is 100% blockage in the right leg and 80% blockage in the left. We meet with the cardio-vascular surgeon who did the bypass last year on Wed. to look at options. At the moment- none of the choices are great. There is a possbility of doing another by-pass (unfortunately a low rate of success and a high probability of not making it off the table), option 2 is amputation of most of the right leg and option 3 is to do nothing and die from gangrene.

Although dad was originally against any more surgery, he's starting to think that amputation may not be so bad as dying. Thanks for all your emails and support. I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, I'll be working on Christmas cards and will be sure to post the creations! Need to get everything done just in case...

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Carinda said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I will definately keep him in my prayers.