Feb 6, 2007

New Tool for You

I was just introduced to this neat new tool- perfect for scrapbooking,cardmaking or digital layouts. It's part of the Adobe site and is called KULER.

While I have posted a link to a site that will let you do SU color combinations, this site will let you play with full color palettes, choosing your main color and showing complementary colors, etc.

Plus, there are palettes available for you that others have created. Think of the possiblities.

Here's a link to the site for you to play. I'd appreciate your comments, how can this be used in your scrapping and stamping? Would you like to see more tools like this on the blog?

1 comment:

Linda Rhinehart Neas said...

hi, Mary!

Really like the idea of linking your blog to your craft/hobby. Nicely done.

the survey on the side panel was fun. I voted with the majority!

Much luck in your further blogging pursuits.

Peace, Linda