Feb 4, 2007

Kiss Technique

This technique will be featured at Stamp Camp - but I thought I would share the steps with you since this has become one of the most requested techniques at my workshops.

This technique works best using a bold image stamp (for example the Big Blossom found in the SAB catalog) and a background stamp (one of my favorites to use with the flower is French Script) the addition of words to the flower produces a neat effect.

Here's how to do this:

1. Ink the background stamp (depending on the effect you want use either a dark ink or a medium tone ink)
2. If you want a two tone effect, ink the bold image stamp with a coordinating light ink or just leave the image alone
3. Press the bold image stamp on top of the background stamp
4. Press the bold image on your paper

Some examples of the Kiss Technique in action can be found at the Splitcoast Stampers Gallery (just type in Kiss technique):

Here's one of my favorites--
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Carla Arena said...

Dear Mary,

Who knows if in the near future I'll be able to have some free time to learn some stamps techniques with you...

That's why I love blogging, the possibility of sharing things that we wouldn't, otherwise!

Keep up the great work! I'd love to see some of your production!


Mary said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks for the comments. Check back frequently as I'll be adding new techniques and samples of my work in the coming days ;)