Sep 20, 2007

October Swap

Time to get back in stamping gear-- between the hot weather (no desire to do anything!), insanity at work (finally settling down after 5 weeks- this has been the worst start to a semester ever!!), and tennis (I never realized how much effort goes into raising a high performance player), I've hardly even picked up any paper or rubber. That changes tonight- I have my first workshop in a month- and I'm ready to stamp again.

With that- the October swap will be due to me by October 15 and back to you by October 22.

Theme: Orange or brown
That's right- no particular stamp set or season- just use shades of orange or brown in your cardfront. - You can be fallish- maybe you are a UT - K fan, perhaps you are feeling a little crabby- be creative but be sure to use the color(s). Color can be done with paper, coloring, or brads, etc.

Make 5 cardfronts and get 5 back.

Sign up by October 5.

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kellie said...

sign me up!