Apr 7, 2007

Easter is here- but who would believe it from the weather outside?

Yikes, can you believe that it is Easter with the temperatures we are having?? BRRR- what happened to the 80's from last week? Anyway, I was cruising through the Sudsol site last night and found a great last minute Easter Gift idea-- (this may have been scraplifted from SCS). Anyway, it's for a Peep Jar (not that kind of peep!!). Some of you may know that Peeps are my all time favorite candy and I was thrilled to see this quick and easy gift idea.

It's for Peep Smore's. (another of my all time favorite foods). If you would like the recipe, just leave me a comment and I'll get it to you.

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Carinda said...

Yum I love Peeps too so please email me the recipe for the jar. Thanks for posting the idea - hopefully I can use it next year.